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When it became obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world was about to enter the United Kingdom, we knew that we had to very quickly make a plan in order to continue supporting our business, or franchisees and our many clients, some of whom are in the vulnerable category.

When the lock-down began our phone was ringing off the hook; some of the elderly or vulnerable clients saying that because they were going into a lock-down situation and that we and our staff would not be needed until the end of the pandemic allowed us back into their homes, but that they were going to struggle without our help.  Luckily we were fully prepared and were able to offer an alternative service in order to minimise the immediate, and on-going, effect of the pandemic on all involved. 

We asked each customer if they would be happy to pay us a small retainer so that they could use us as an alternative service instead of just housekeeping and they were all happy to do so.​

  • We are offering assistance with their shopping, gardening, dog walking etc., all with no contact. We have also had to explain that we have a sizeable waiting list for our COVID-19 company services and that, although some were going into total lock-down, other people would be working from home and therefore needed our additional services; and all of these clients were happy to pay us the retainer which also ensured that we would return as their housekeepers and more when it was over, or the restrictions are relaxed.

  • For the less vulnerable clients who still needed our services, but were very nervous, we have explained that we have clients who are critical care nurses, all with young families at home who really needed us to re-start looking after their homes. These clients have told us exactly what we need to do for them and the extra precautions we needed in place to ensure that everyone remained safe.

  • Prior to the start of the lock-down we advertised office deep cleans, which would mean that when companies re-opened their staff would be able to return to wonderfully clean and sanitised offices. This is a service which has been extremely well received.

  • We are also offering our holiday let deep cleans, which has been enthusiastically subscribed to.


We have learned that, whilst almost all cleaning franchises limit you to just domestic or commercial cleaning, The Happy Angel Company is malleable and can adapt and change to suit the climate, providing our current, and future, franchisee’s with a good, sustainable income, not just through recessions, but also through pandemics.  So, why would you buy a franchise that limits your income and life style, when you can buy a Happy Angel franchise and find your business freedom, whatever the financial climate. 

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