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The Opportunity:

The Happy Angel Multi-Level Franchise Opportunity:

As a ‘Happy Angel’ franchisee you will an expert when it comes to home cleaning, housekeeping or domestic services in your location. Your Happy Angel training and your own experience will put the sparkle and shine back into your customers homes either daily, weekly, fortnightly or as a one-off basis.


You will tailor the services to your customers requirements, they will decide what needs cleaning and how long you are required.

The overarching feature of a Happy Angel Franchise is the way in which we help you to administer your business. We believe that there are two things that are important to a franchisee, happy clients and a high level of income. As one is a direct consequence of the other we do everything that we can to ensure that you are focused on your clients and nothing else; you don’t need to take on the risks and hassle of employing administrators nor do you need to worry about fluctuations in business levels, we do all of that for you.


The franchise is multi-level so you can opt for as many elements as you like or just one; the franchise can be run as a 'hands-on' operation or as a 'management franchise' where you don't do any of the actual day to day, you recruit others to do it for you.; under each element are an example of services you will be able to offer:

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