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The Happy Angel Cleaning Company Ltd are the authorised Agents for ICE

Limited to sell Citrox Protect into the Health Care sectors and Leisure Vehicle Industry across the UK and Ireland.

  • Helps Prevent Cross-Infection Risk

  • Designed For All Absorbent & Non-Absorbent Surfaces

  • Barrier Lasts For Up To Six Months

  • Citrox Protect Conforms To: EN14476*

Infection Control Enterprise Limited are the exclusive worldwide
distributors for Citrox Protect in the following areas:

All Healthcare sectors including:

  • Private and NHS Hospitals,

  • Care & Nursing Homes,

  • GP Surgeries and Ambulances.

All Leisure Vehicles including:


  • Boat and Yacht Hire,

  • Boat and Yacht Sales,

  • Caravan Hire,

  • Caravan Sales,

  • Motor Home Hire,

  • Motor Home Sales

  • Caravan Parks.


Environmental surfaces contaminated with pathogens can be sources of indirect transmission, and cleaning and disinfection are common interventions focused on reducing contamination levels.
Viruses are the most common cause of infectious disease acquired in the indoor environment in all healthcare sectors causing considerable impact on human health.

COVID-19 has provided horrific insights into the mechanics of contagion and cross infection globally. Viruses are attached to droplets of moisture which move from the infected person via the
air to high risk-touch points.


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*BS EN 14476 certification means the cleaning product contains antiviral ingredients and is required to kill viruses including Poliovirus, Norovirus, Influenza A and adenovirus.

Though this standard has not yet been tested for its effectiveness on COVID-19 just yet, it is highly recommended by the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) that “to be sure of killing viruses you should use a disinfecting agent certified for EN 14476.”
While standard cleaning products may claim to kill 99.9% of germs, BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476 certification guarantees that the product you are using will kill up to 99.999% of germs within 5 minutes of use.

The Professional Association of Self Caterers advises that you should: "Disinfect using appropriate products and ensuring it is left on the surface for the required time to kill the virus: make sure the product will work on enveloped viruses. Look for EN14476 and follow manufacturers guidelines."

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